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Hand Knit Merino Wool Beanie

The Eastfold

  • Hand knit over the course of 5 hours
  • 100% Merino wool
  • Knit in Norway
  • Angular pattern
  • One size
  • No tag or seam (fold as you will)

XL Beanies, Look Here: The Eastfold is particularly stretchy, so if you need XL size, a normal one will work just fine for you (unless you are an absolute giant — in that case, email us).

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From the Ancient Foldin

Hand knit merino wool beanie, beige

Angular Patterns — Viking Heritage

The Eastfold takes us back to the Oslo fjord and the Norwegian East. Of old, the fjord was called the Fold, or Foldin. And the area around the fjord was called the Vik — probably the origin of the term Viking.

The name suits us both for our beanies’ Norwegian origin, the angular Viking-esque pattern, and for the double meaning that our beanies fold at the edge.

Hand knit merino wool beanie, close up pattern

400 Years of Heritage, With a Clever Twist

Norwegians have knit using the same technique for over 400 years. Each Eastfold is knit the old fashioned way, on the Norwegian South Coast. But this pattern stands out by alternating the direction of the knit, creating an angular, Viking inspired pattern.

The complexity of this pattern makes it about a five hour knit.

Woman knitting red wool beanie

Norway made

Old Fashioned Sustainability

Norwegians already knit for pleasure, in their own houses, and we have tapped into this existing culture, offering a secondary income for passionate knitters. We don’t employ anyone, but pay per beanie.

The Norwegian yarn mill that supplies our knitters has been around since 1888, and is outspoken and detailed about their care for animals and humans along the entire line of production, whether its imported raw wool, or from Norway.

Leftover yarn from our knits is gathered, and used first for Mom’s Market custom knits, then the final leftover stubs are used for pillow stuffing.

About the Eastfold


The Eastfold is a hand knit wool beanie, knit the old fashioned way with two knitting needles and a whole lot of patience. It is knit in Norway, on the South Coast, by a variety of knitters. No matter which knitter, each beanie goes trough the same quality control. Each Eastfold comes with signed Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the knitter of your particular beanie.

We knit with wool, the Eastfold being 100% merino wool. Using sheep wool is homage to our Norwegian knitting heritage, but sourcing the finer softer wool from merino sheep, adds another layer of comfort to this beanie. The raw wool is from Australia, and the yarn is produced on the Norwegian West Coast in one of Norway’s oldest yarn mills.

The thinness and softness of the merino wool yarn, makes the Eastfold a good all-round beanie with a rather uncommon alternating criss cross pattern.

About Merino Wool

Using sheep wool is our homage to our Norwegian knitting heritage, but sourcing the finer softer wool from merino sheep, adds another layer of comfort.

  • Wool is great at insulating in moist conditions.
  • Wool has a rough and natural look, aside from the fact that it is natural.
  • Wool is naturally flame resistant, adding an extra layer of security around the campfire.
  • Merino wool is softer, with finer fibers than other sheep.

The raw Merino wool we use is from Australia, and the yarn is produced on the Norwegian West Coast in one of Norway’s oldest yarn mills.

About Red Hat Factory

Red Hat Factory is a company started by mother and son on the Norwegian South Coast. Emerging out of childhood memories of wearing hand knit goods and a love for red beanies, found in adulthood, we've built a network of knitters that can deliver the genuine hand knit experience to all beanie lovers across the world.
  • Material 100% Merino Wool
  • Optimal Wear Temperature -5 to +15°C (23 to 59°F)
  • Size One-size (stretches to XL)
  • Washing Temperature 30°C (Wool Programme)
  • Knitting Time About 5 Hours
  • Warranty 10 Years (Read More)

Frequently asked beanie questions


Why are the beanies so small out of the box?

Many of our beanie models look very small when you unpack them. That is because of wool's nature — it's not "pre-stretched", and has to start out tight. It shapes itself around you head after little time. If you lend it to someone, and it get's stretched out too much, you can dip it in warm water, and after drying, it's back to where it started.

Is everything actually made in Norway?

We hand knit every beanie in Norway, with yarn purchased from one of Norway's oldest yarn mills. This mill offers both Norwegian and internationally sourced wool. We have purposefully selected yarn types sourced from South America and Australia, not to save money — the price points are approximately the same as for Norwegian wool — but because wool from these climates are softer, and less likely to itch. If you want genuine Norwegian wool, and are ready to risk the itch, we can provide it for the same price — but it will take more time.

Do you ship with tracking

Yes we do. We ship for free worldwide with tracking.

How does your guarantee work

If your beanie unravels under reasonable circumstances, within the first 10 years of its life, we will patch it for you for free. But you have to pay for shipping both ways. This is a way to maintain the beanie as long as possible, making it a keepsake.

Why are there loose threads in my beanie?

When a beanie is finished, the thread is attached by sowing it into the finished product several rounds. Sometimes that end thread comes poking out — most often on the inside, as we try attaching it that way. It doesn't mean it is coming loose. If it comes out on the outside, try pushing it back in — use a needle if needed. The beanie will not unravel — and if it does, please refer to our guarantee.

Why do you opt for wool?

We did not choose wool — hundreds of years of Norwegian tradition chose that for us. It is an amazing insulator, with the special feature that it pulls moisture away from your skin. Norwegians have sworn to wool both historically, and in modern day outdoors apparel. You just can't beat the natural fiber that is wool.

Does your Mom and Grandma really knit all the beanies?

It all started with my mom, then my grandma joined the team. My mother designs all the beanies (sometimes with input from me), and we recruit as many knitters as we need from around Norway. But it is always hand knit, the traditional way, and quality controlled by my mom.

How much of a pay cut does the knitter get?

We are not sharing numbers, because that would require giving you an understanding of our entire production cycle, including admin time, marketing, recruiting, packaging, shipping and so on. But every knitter is happy with the pay (otherwise they wouldn't have worked with us), and they know the brand, the website, and the final price.

Why knit by hand? Machines are faster.

Hand knitting is the genesis and the core of our company. We hand knit because we are here to honor and tell the story of our Norwegian heritage. Generations after generations hand knitting wool apparel to keep their families warm. And the tradition is still alive and well. Also hand knit beanies comes with a personal touch and history that machine-knit goods just can't match.

Why are the beanies above the ear?

Our beanies are knit without a tag, so you may fold it once, twice, or even roll it up. We personally like the twice-folded style the best, and push that look most often in our marketing. The history of the fold is, in short, that the laboring man would need some flexibility in headwear. When you need to hear, or if the sun pokes out, you fold it up. When the weather roughens, you fold it back up. It's sort of like zipping down your jacket when the sun peaks out.

Why was my package sent from Sweden?

I (the Son) actually live in Sweden, while my Mom remains in Norway and handles all the logistics over there. We ship large batches to Sweden in order to offer better shipping times and to be able to include tracking in the free shipping alternative.