How It's Made

The most important piece of our brand is to keep it genuine. Many can give you a good looking beanie, but few can get you one that's hand knit in Norwegian homes.

Staying old fashioned

How We Knit

All across the land of Norway there are people knitting for the simple pleasure of keeping the hands busy while you chat with your family or listen to a show.

Tapping into this culture, my mom has built a network of knitters that make up the grass root of Red Hat Factory. We take on all the logistical work, and have them knit like they've always done — in their home on their own time — and not worry about anything.

We supply material, payment and accounting, and in return we get the most genuine expression of Norwegian knitting culture.

To connect you with the roots of the product, every knitter signs a card per beanie they've knit.

Watch a Westcoaster being knit

The Yarn mill

Our Wool Provider

We are using the yarn my Mom has always been using, and has found to be of the best quality over the years.

It comes from one of Norway's oldest yarn mills, on the West Coast.

The mill does have yarn from Norwegian raw wool at roughly the same prices, but because the rough climate here creates rougher fibers, it itches. So we've opted for South American and Australian raw wool, processed on the Norwegian West coast.

Learn more about wool

Into your hands

Further Logistics

Our goal has always been that we would take on the logistical challenges, so that you could get the purest handmade product with the least amount of friction.

We create everything in homes in Norway. They deliver in batches to my Mom, who then packs it up and ships it to me in Sweden.

In Stockholm, we have access to better shipping services and prices and are able to provide free shipping with tracking all across the world.

Here I, or my family, or someone on our team pack up the beanies and send them to you.